One Plus Nord

While Augmented Reality technology has been around for some time, we can expect to see an increase in its adaptation while we wait out the pandemic .  

In trying to recreate the wow factor of a glitzy live visual experience, OnePlus, for example, is launching its latest phone with the use of AR technology.  To enjoy the official reveal, download the OnePlus Nord AR app and try moving your phone on a flat surface to delineate the space for the AR action!  

The OnePlus Nord launches July 21, 10pm local time.


How’s your screentime?

As we enter Phase 2 and look back – what was your screen time like in the last few months?  A 2017 study showed that Singaporeans spent about 8 hours daily on smartphones, laptops and desktops, but it’s anybody’s guess what those figures look like now!

Inevitably, in Phase 1, meetings, classrooms and even happy hour sessions went online. Apps like Zoom and Crowd Cast, which once connected people separated by distance, are now paving the way for creative event solutions but news outlets are reporting that screen fatigue is becoming more prevalent.  

As attention spans shorten, events are also competing for eyeballs. What can we do to keep audiences engaged? Here in Singapore, hosts have been making virtual events more interactive and varying their content. We can even expect hybrid events in Phase 2 as Event Service Professionals look to provide live streaming experiences with high production value.  Phase 3 is probably still quite a while away and as much as we love what live streaming technology has done to keep events going, we’re hoping to meet event people in person soon! 

Till then stay safe and take care of your mind, body and eyes!


GE 2020

Today we go to the polls. This massive undertaking and the planning of an event this size must have come with plenty of logistical challenges. And of course, we can’t forget the need to address safety concerns in the current pandemic.

To keep the electorate safe the following measures were put in place:

  • 2hr time slots to cast your vote
  • Priority time slot for the elderly
  • Increase in the number of polling stations
  • Use of the safe entry app
  • application to check on queue situations at polling stations
  • Use of face masks,disposable masks and sanitization areas
  • Cleaners deployed to common touch-points every half an hour

You can also bring your own lucky pen!

There are some takeaways for event people to consider while planning live or hybrid events when restrictions are lifted. Planned or staggered attendance, temperature screening, social distancing demarcation, face masks, hand sanitization areas, additional manpower for cleaning and the use of technology will be essential at your next live event. Till then, stay safe and happy voting!