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Kyle Ravin

“I was hosting a three day conference with delegates from across Asia Pacific. Spending three days on stage with a crowd of 1000 builds massive rapport – the crowd was pumped, energised and the most responsive crowd I had ever worked.

At the end of the event, I was set to do my mass participative finale and one of the bosses took over the mic and gave credit to me, the emcee for the event.  The crowd started chanting my name over and over again. I felt so thankful that I started crying on stage. 

I spoke into the microphone and told them how lucky I was to be able to entertain such an amazing crowd and broke down even more. At that moment, the universe told me… THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE CALLING. I love what I do!

That show was one of the most memorable events and will go down with my team as “The show Kyle cried at”.

My journey in showbiz started when I was 7. I was actively starring in school productions, picked up magic as a hobby and enjoyed the rare opportunity I had to get on TV. I realise now that I was an awkward kid who faced bullying in my lower Primary days. Performance art became my outlet and tool to express myself.  

Eventually I started doing magic professionally and landed my first breakthrough TV gig when I was 17.  I continued as a magician for a few more years until an event organiser offered me the chance to host a show. Naturally I weaved in my magic and it clicked! There was no turning back… I started hosting more gigs and finding my approach to officiating events with magic subtly weaved in. 

I love that for that brief moment, you’re able to take your audience on a journey. They forget their problems and inhibitions and experience true joy with laughter and entertainment. Seeing happy faces invigorates the performer and just makes them want to give more. It’s a cycle of positive vibes being exchanged!”

Name: Kyle Ravin – The People’s Emcee

Services provided: Hosting/Emcee Services


Restrictions across Asia

The ASEAN region has seen various restrictions put in place to curb transmission of the Covid-19 virus. We take a look at how some countries are coping.


  • Social gatherings have been reduced to two
  • Event attendees cut from 250 – 100 with pre-event testing
  • Group sizes will be capped at 2 except for wedding receptions where 5 pax per table are allowed
  • Events without pre-testing are capped at 50 pax
  • No dine-in at F&B outlets


  • Plans to ease restrictions have been made for those who have been fully vaccinated
  • Travel beyond the 10km radius limit and dine-in at restaurants remain banned under the full movement order in most states


  • Nationwide ban on public gatherings
  • Fully vaccinated tourists are allowed to visit Phuket where most residents have been vaccinated
  • Islands of Samui, Tao and Phangan have also been opened to visitors


  • Curbs of movement still are in place
  • Malls have been shut and dining in is banned
  • Wedding receptions can be held with a max of 30 people without dining in
  • Public transport may operate with a maximum of 70% capacity


  • Travel bans to and from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and South Asia
  • Shelter-at-home and movement curbs are in place in Metro Manila till July 31st
  • Gyms, salons, barbershops, tourist attractions and meeting venues will be shut
  • Social gatherings in homes are banned

Sources: Al-Jazeera, Channel News Asia, South China Morning Post, The Straits Times

Image credit: Jeffrey Czum


Euro 2020 – The Planning

It has been 5 days since the kick off of the 2021 edition of the Euro football tournament and this has given live football fans a reason to cheer. The tournament spells the return of live spectators to major sporting events. Here’s a look at how the organisers are pulling it off. 

  • It is the first major sporting event hosted by cities in 11 countries. 
  • Hosting the tournament in multiple countries has allowed fans to be closer to the action without having to travel to one particular destination.
  • This has spread the cost of hosting the event over different economies while allowing them a shot in the arm because of local tourism spend.
  • Fixtures had to be planned carefully to prevent players from having to travel extensively.
  • Bio-secure bubbles in all 11 cities had to be created.
  • All but one stadium is operating at a reduced seating capacity ranging from 22-50%.
  • Teams of 26 players were allowed to be registered instead of the usual 23 in case of any COVID infection.
  • Press conferences are conducted via online mediums.
  • Fans accessing stadiums must have had a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination.

This is a great experiment on how a large-scale sporting event can be safely managed in this pandemic and the future because it allows for maximum participation and attendance. And for some of us who have already planned events using the Spoke-and-Hub method, where one main event is connected with smaller satelite events held elsewhere, the EURO 2020 is quite similar but to the tune of US$400 million. Faint!

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4 Skills Event Professionals Need Today

  1. Digital Marketing

The world just became a bit noisier, with every facet of our lives requiring some form of screen time. It is going to require some digital marketing savvy to make your event stand out.

  1. Network or Broadcast Engineering

Skills managing “Live” streams, solving bandwidth issues and technical glitches are indispensable for virtual events now.

  1. Visual Effects Artists

Commonly found on a movie set, green screens now provide the backdrop for a lot of virtual events. It is essential that you are able to create stunning visuals for your audience.

  1. Video production

Designing your event to be viewed enjoyably on screens is a skill event professionals have had to learn pretty quickly.