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Creative business team listening to colleague at a brainstorm meeting
about us

We’ve all heard it.

Letting someone know you have an event coming up could either mean you’ve done the planning or are about to work in one. And we all know it takes people to plan and execute a seamless experience. Event people.
Some of us excel at organization, some live for public speaking and some take empty spaces and turn them into amazing escapes. Some of us are magicians, literally.
Then there are those of us who have great ideas but neither the time nor the skill to get things done. And sometimes it is the lack of information and not knowing where to look.

igotevent is people, news and informative content.

We hope with this platform that has been designed to share your work, thoughts and experiences, the search for event partners and solutions will become effortless. And the benefits of a connected event community will keep us all ahead of the curve and ready for challenges.
igotevent was built by event people for event people. So let’s get to work and do what we do best: turning plans and ideas into amazing experiences.