Emcee Chun Jia


“My most memorable event is definitely the Dinner & Dance for Singapore Cancer Society. 

On the event day, and the energy from the audience (who were the Cancer Society volunteers) was the best I’ve ever gotten. They were so ready to run to the stage front to cheer each other on for their performances, always enthusiastic to play the games, and they were dancing like there was no tomorrow.

Only halfway through the event did I realise that most of the audience literally went through a part of their lives when they might really have no tomorrow — they were all cancer survivors, some of whom battled multiple cancer episodes.

The clients had a lady tagged to me as a stage hand. She was like my mum, in her 50s, absolutely cheerful, bubbly, always asking what she could help with.

I later found out, when the live band was playing, that the stage hand lady had just survived brain cancer and I got teary eyed when I found this out from her. 

I just couldn’t believe that the audience (average age of 60s perhaps?) had such intense energy, spontaneity, after going through what they had been through.

My first emcee experience was back in NTU – as a freshman, I was given a chance to host hall events despite having no experience. 

I eventually quit school as I was pretty adamant my degree wouldn’t lead me to the kind of life I wanted – I’m not the kind who could sit at my desk 40 hours a week. 

While I was exploring how I could leverage on my strengths weaknesses and motivations, I got offered my first paid gig during a short stint in an events company. From this, coupled with my (masak masak) hosting experience back in Hall One, I felt that hosting might be the thing for me!”

Name: Lim Chun Jia Alvin

Emcee CJ 

Professional Emcee

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