Scentopia, the latest brainchild of perfumer Singapore Memories, is an airy pavilion nestled along Sentosa’s Siloso Beach.  With soaring ceilings and glass walls, Scentopia provides a perfume-making and retail experience in an unusual event space. 

Visitors can enjoy free guided tours of the augmented reality wall which highlights fascinating facts about Singapore’s history and culture including stories about The Changi Tree and dinosaur footprints on our shores.  There are seven free tours each day.  

On the opposite wall is the glittering perfume-making station, which has been made touchless in view of Covid-19.  Buy a ticket to the perfume bar and you can smell dozens of masculine and feminine scents.  Participants can then mix their preferred oils using motion-sensor dispensers and smell the resulting melange – their personalised scent. A mixer combines and bottles the ingredients so each participant leaves with a bespoke fragrance.

On my visit there, I found the staff to be warm and highly knowledgeable – they explained different perfume elements and concentrations as well as esoteric facts, for instance, that perfume musk is extracted by agitating civets for their malodorous secretions.  Scentopia, however, is fully plant-based and cruelty-free.  To cater to all preferences, there are also halal ingredients.

After waiting for me to scour the rainbow of scent wands, the guide let me smell my perfume and suggest tweaks. 

Scentopia is suitable for small group events that allow attendees to learn about each other and take home something personalised.  My own perfume was a perfect souvenir: part fruity, part fresh and all me.

Scentopia is open to the public from 15 March 2022.