DJ Defcibel


“I became a full time DJ by chance. I have always been an avid lover of dance music. I started saving up money as early as at age 11 to buy the equipment and start a self-learning journey. I failed miserably as I did not get any guidance. It wasn’t till many years later, I had on-the-job training, attended a few classes and also had the chance to meet a few great DJ legends who gave me invaluable insight. 

Prior to my job retrenchment, I did have a few gigs here and there but it was all about having fun. I was not so serious about making it a career then. After the bombshell struck, I received a call asking me if I was available to DJ for an event and it just escalated from there on. Initially the plan was to take whatever comes but at the same time, look for a “normal” job. The number of gigs I did during this period made me think “Why not just deejay for a living instead?”

My most memorable event was a touching wedding. Before the event, I had asked the bride and groom if they had preferred music for their March In segments. The bride, being a foreigner, was not very sure if I had songs in her native language and said that she would just leave it to me to play “anything nice”. During that segment, with the help of a highly competent lighting tech, I played a love song in her language and that moment was such a remarkable sight that I teared slightly. After the wedding had ended the bride came over and said she could not think of a better love song that would have matched her feelings at that moment. 

If anyone is interested in joining the industry, they should know that like all jobs, there are challenges and things can get difficult. In the end, only 2 things matter. Be prepared for hard work & discipline. 

Name: Eddy

Stage Name: DJ defCibel

Services provided: Deejaying, provision of sound system, lights etc

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