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Sainou Space

When performing artiste Derrick Tay partnered with fashion and branding expert Herman Shah to found their own creative space, they never imagined that they would have to set it up during the Covid circuit breaker.  

Yet, one month since its launch, SAINOUSPACE has already seen its fair share of traffic from weavers to fine artists to students.  The cosy, meditative space at Playfair Road is meant to be a space for creatives to connect and find inspiration.

“We didn’t want it to be transactional – there are many places where one can pay by the hour to use the space,” said Herman, “Here, we want to work together with artists to create a community in a safe space, whether by coming up with programmes, workshops or even merchandise.”

In this sense, SAINOUSPACE is a living environment where creatives can choose to do as they feel.  The 1,000 sq feet venue is thoughtfully appointed for just such flexibility, with tiered seating that can roll out of the way and curtains that can be drawn in different ways to create makeshift rooms.  In two back rooms, music and vocal lessons are also held.

“We feel like caretakers of the space and want to serve the artists who come to create here,” said Derrick.  

Both founders also shared that they are interested in working with and educating younger people by giving them exposure to industry experts.

While they currently have to adhere to the government guidelines for social distancing, the space can comfortably fit 40 or 50 people for bigger events.

“We’ve found that students who come here don’t just come for the lesson aspect but also because any form of craft can be meditative or calming,” Herman said, “It’s a bit like therapy.”

SAINOUSPACE is at 80 Playfair Road, Block A #03-07 Singapore 367998.