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“Our favourite thing about being in this business is when we are done with a set up and the client just beams!

For wedding couples in particular, going along with them on their journey from the planning stage to the wedding is a truly special experience.  We always aim to connect with each of them, so seeing them finally walk down the aisle together can be truly moving.

We have been in this industry for about six years now. One of the joys has always been the people we work with. Getting to meet wedding couples to corporate clients and working with them to create a truly memorable experience has always been rewarding, and is what drives us.

Our work draws a lot from natural forms and we like to take inspiration from nature for our floral and plant designs. We also often look to our own heritage to give our work a sense of place and identitya s a Singaporean company. 

Putting things together really takes a village. It can take some time to go through what the client wants to achieve, distil that vision and then assemble a team to execute it. 

Of course, event requirements themselves have changed even when they do go ahead, so we’ve had to change what we provide to take into account the restrictions of event spaces now. Like most businesses, we’ve also had to pivot to understand the needs of clients more during this time, as well as to look into other ways for people to still achieve what they want, but on a smaller scale. Wedding clients in particular have occasionally had some difficulty giving up some of their ideas, which is understandable. So helping them navigate that transition into more intimate gatherings has become part of what we do now.”

Amanda & Jon

Blanc Studios

Venue Styling, Floristry, Events Planning

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