How luxury event planners have kept the show going


The show must go on and even with Covid-19 restrictions in play, brands and luxury event planners have found ways to create bespoke experiences.

For one, some event planners such as Adagio Events founder Olga Iserlis managed to hold physical events in safe and creative ways.  She organised an event for Audemars Piguet and fashion label Laichan last December at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, where guests could examine watch models and try clothing in small groups in person.  

Other event planners have shifted the focus of their events to accommodate the changes in the scene, presenting alternatives to traditional programmes.  Lucas Yang, co-founder of marketing agency The Inner Clique, realised that his clients were showing interest in business and investment.  The agency started organising online workshops and sharing sessions where potential investors and businesses could come together and experts could provide useful information on these issues.  

And of course, there has been a movement into the virtual domain.  To respond to Zoom fatigue, integrated communications agency Directions Group Inc, created a customised microsite for virtual events and partnered a green screen production studio that supported livestreaming.  

And Alexis Lhoyer, global partner and chief business officer of Chab, said that virtual events and digital broadcasts now take up 80% of the company’s projects.  Chab was compelled to increase the quality of its digital event presentations and put together the Insead Alumni Forum Europe 2021 with a custom-built digital networking environment featuring a virtual dance floor.  

Said Lhoyer, “We should continue to explore how we can be agile with our transferable skill sets to remain relatable in the current situation.”

  • Adapted from CNA Luxury

Photo credit : Adagio Events.

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