Space Objekt


“Each installation comes with its own set of challenges. 

When working with light, we usually create a scaled mock up to ensure everything is working the way I envision. We are always building prototypes, but this is not always a guarantee that our research will work for the actual installation. Usually we go with past experiences and instincts on what we feel will work. 

I like clean lines and repetition of form: they create a sense of unity throughout the work. I enjoy working with materials like mirrors and light as they’re both great mediums that have the ability to disrupt our perception of our environment. I love being able to expand space through form and finishes.

I’m really drawn to the audiences’ reactions and what I find the most rewarding about this is seeing how they perceive and feel the space!  

The pandemic affected our work in the sense that we were not able to work with our typical production processes. On the flip side, however, the pandemic has taught me how to work remotely which we have done successfully and will continue with some exciting  projects we have upcoming in Dubai, Los Angeles and Romania.

We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to have two permanent installations at the Aquarium at the Boardwalk in Branson, Missouri.  We were commissioned to create two mirrored art installations that give the sense of infinite ocean life.

One of my most memorable experiences was being able to talk about my personal journey and ideas at a TedX about the importance of shareable art through social media. I want to see art thrive. When art thrives, art grows. When art grows, it inspires, making it relevant to today.”

Tina Fung

Space Objekt

Services provided: Installation artist, Set Designer, Spatial designer


3rd photo by: Irving Neil Kwok

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