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“I got ‘started’ when I was in my teens. That was nearly 20 years ago! I have worked in events and F&B (including events catering) part-time over the years and have learnt lots of stuff on the ground.

The most rewarding thing are times when you see an event being completed from scratch. And of course, the laughter and enjoyment of guests. 

As for the toughest, I still see myself at a “learning stage” always.  Perhaps I have a mentality of  not saying that I’m “good enough” and instead always learning and giving the best I can offer. 

Things are definitely getting slow during this period of Covid-19. So currently I’m trying to provide alternative services such as deliveries.

But Singapore is a country focusing on tourism, which brings great revenue annually. MICE itself is a big industry when it comes to events. With good hospitality and services and top-notch facilities for businesses, Singapore has an edge of attracting people from all over the world, be it for business or recreation. Also, with the lifestyle of many Singaporeans, events and entertainment are definitely great industries which both residents and foreign visitors have their eyes on!

In fact, I can see events and entertainment rising to even greater heights after Covid-19. I foresee them becoming even better than what they were pre-Covid. More opportunities are created instead of being taken away if people can see it, and you can see that people are looking forward to the opening of these industries in phase 3. Perhaps we need to endure through the darkest time to see the dawn.”

All Rounded Events

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