New This Fortnight: 17/10/21


Picture Credit: PORTL YouTube Channel

New This Fortnight:

Sports broadcast in 3D

The good people at Unity may soon have you watching live sports in 3D! This tech, unlike 360° video, provides a greater level of immersion because the viewer is able to check out the action from multiple views. Read more about it here

Hologram meetings

Is “holoporting” a speaker to an event going to become more mainstream? Check out how IWC used PORTL tech in an event in April. 

Marina Bay Sands’ Virtual Meeting Place

Travel technology company WIT will be breaking in MBS’s newly-launched Virtual Meeting Place for the virtual component of its two-day conference on October 19-20 this year.  The virtual interface looks just like the real-life Marina Bay Sands and even allows event organisers to build their own virtual sets to replicate their real-life event spaces.  
Read more about the first global platform of its kind at

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