First Dance Studio


“Dance is such a good addition to events because the attention is most caught when one is entertained.  

These days, if you look at company events or small events like weddings, product launches or even seminars, most of them are accompanied by some sort of entertainment that is customised to the company’s value, vision or message.

One of the best ways to do so is by having a dynamic, energetic team on stage to warm up the audience and deliver the message to them before the event starts.  

One of our most memorable experiences was taking part in AIA’s corporate client’s appreciation event as it was our first commercial show in early 2019 when the company was expanding.  We performed the martini cup dance, which is inspired by Dita Von Teese.  We were extremely blessed as it caught the attention of Zouk Singapore who then also became one of our working clients. 

Because of Covid, we are not able to open for business as our main clientele in events and shows cannot open either. However, we are now able to brand and market our company and have the time to explore, experiment and structure digital content and services.

With 5G technology almost available to consumers, we also foresee a huge overhaul for events in the near future. Covid-19 has forced many in the creative, fitness and entertainment industry to adapt to creative ways to engage their audience. While live events are still best experienced “live”, future technology will definitely bring forth new ways!

Moving forward, we will continue to pivot and roll out new services in the digital world with our core vision and mission in mind. That is, to help people with little to no background in performing have a memorable experience for their special event or day.”

Sherman Foo and Desirie Zhao
First Dance Studio

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