Tips for the Virtual Stage


There have been many differing opinions on virtual events but one thing everyone seems to agree on is that the digital stage will remain commonplace.

Here are some pointers:

Provide a range of topics

Variety is the spice of life. With a mix of topics and storytelling formats you are more likely to keep the attendee who’s sitting on his couch from dozing off. Event planners should ask themselves: am I going to use a more visuals-centric presentation, a discussion-based approach or a mix of both?

Keeping things concise.

The very devices that make virtual events possible work against us when event sessions seem endless. Your audience is mobile, unlike the captive kind in a ballroom. Keep sessions to about 30 mins and limit the entire event to 2hrs.

The moderator aka the host.

Emcees are great at keeping audiences engaged and making the event feel more cohesive. Sometimes event organizers may pick someone from within the organization. Ultimately, the individual should be well-spoken and well versed on the topics of the event. It would not hurt if the camera loves the person too.

Plan for transitions

Don’t keep your audience guessing. Guide them through the segments of your event through visuals or use the skills of your host to keep them engaged while you prepare for the next session.

Graphics and visuals

Drop the text heavy PowerPoint slides. Use a good combination of visual storytelling, graphics and the entertainment value of a good host.

Online interaction

While it is impossible to replace physical presence and interaction using online quizzes, polls and Live Q&A can help you and your audience get to know each other. Ensure you have someone filtering questions and try to keep your click-based interactions simple.

The closing segment

You have kept their attention; don’t just cut them loose at the end. Provide a quick recap of the event to reinforce your message. Also consider sending a thank you message to your participants as this can help continue conversations.

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