Rizal K


“My love for music and entertainment led me into the nightlife industry. It has since been 20 years of DJ-ing! Eventually, being a perfectionist led me into backstage work as I like to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

4 years ago, I founded Pandemic. At Pandemic, we have a collective of DJs for hire, sound system and lights for rental and a 24 hours jamming studio for DJs to have a space to practice when they have a creative spark. 

My proudest moment is sharing the console with US DJ Cashmoney at Zouk Singapore. When l was taking over from DJ Cashmoney, we were using 2 different consoles and 2 different mixers. He and l had to be very careful when mixing my music onto his. When l fully turned up my volume, he cut his. From our booth, it sounded perfect! We were so happy, we cheered and high-fived each other. Suddenly we realized the whole dance floor was just standing around and the crowd was booing at us. We stood there in shock, not knowing what went wrong.

Then, the tech guys rushed in, did a quick check and found out that the master volume was completely turned down. Only then did we realize that DJ Cashmoney’s headphone cable had gotten caught with the master volume knob by accident! We both had a very good laugh.

Music is always evolving. And as a DJ, l need to follow what’s current to cater to the crowd even though it might not be to my liking. 

As with any other trade, there are bound to be market spoilers. Throughout my 20 years, I have been affected many times by these people be it in DJ-ing or events set up. However, it is with hard work, dedication and always performing at my best that l’ve managed to make it through without having to bring my value down.”

Rizal K aka DJ Raw

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