Kelly Loh


“My favourite part of my job is seeing how my voice and body language can interact with, move, entertain and bring joy and comfort to the audience while contributing to the success of an event. It pushes me to learn new things across various topics and industries so that I can best present the information given to me; I’m always learning something new!

In my first job as a community engagement executive in the Restroom Association (Singapore), I had to conduct assembly talks about 3 times a week to schools all around Singapore, encouraging them to practise good toilet etiquette. 

I must have done hundreds of such talks in my two years there! I started to seek out hosting opportunities and would do so as a volunteer for other non-profit organisations, in small scale community events and for friends’ weddings.

Covid-19 has made it challenging for everyone in the events industry. As emcees, we have to adapt to presenting in virtual/hybrid events, working the camera and interacting with the online audience when we cannot see their physical response. 

As a new mum, I definitely appreciate online events more during this period as I have the opportunity to work from home where I am nearer to my baby. 

However, as with everyone else’s WFH situation, it is challenging to manage the needs of individual family members (especially a baby!) while working when all of us are in the same space. I too, need the help of my spouse and family members to attend to my baby so that I can be undisturbed when hosting from home.  

My advice to those interested in this industry would be: listen, to understand first, before giving any reply; know that your words have power and be empathetic to your audience and client. Enrich yourself by reading and listening widely; write, so that you can learn to have clarity in thought. When preparing for shows and during hosting, take your time, but don’t waste your time.”

Kelly Loh

“My mother noticed that I was very expressive since kindergarten – I could memorise the entire Lion King script and had my toys re-enact the movie while voice acting for each character – and sent me for speech and drama lessons during my primary school years.”

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