Jeremy Yeo TM


“During the beginning days of my emcee career, I experienced a great sense of insecurity.  I’d question my self-worth when a client picked another emcee, or I’d be jealous that someone else got a job which I wasn’t available for. 

However over the years, I’ve met many big-hearted and generous industry peers who’d share their shows with me, give me tips on how to improve my craft and even support me at my shows. That was how I had a mindset shift to share the love too. Even right now, when a client picks another emcee, I’d be genuinely happy for them, because the ultimate importance is having them get the most suitable candidate for the project. 

I reckon some best moments are when I get to share the stage with celebrities.  Actually the best moments are when we are backstage, seeing the human side of being a celeb. And I can vouch for them, many of these celebs, DJs, singers, artists are VERY PLEASANT and FRIENDLY off stage. 

My worst moment though: once I had a pimple on my chin. I applied concealer and another layer of foundation right before hosting a corporate team-building dinner.  However, minutes before I had to go on the mic, the pimple popped and the blood couldn’t stop flowing! Thankfully one of the part timers had a plaster on him. And yes, I had to keep the plaster on throughout the entire show. 

I cannot pinpoint one particular event that I’m proudest of, but generally, being able to pull off a massive event – backed by an amazing team of Event Organisers, AV Crew, Stage Hands, etc will spark an incredible sense of achievement. The best reward to that would be to get the job again the next year!” 

Jeremy Yeo TM

“Be nice to everyone. You may be the one on stage and in the limelight, but it takes a TEAM off stage to run the show WITH you.”

We were moved by Emcee Jeremy’s story on our newest post today!

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