Arts Outreach: Into Softer Worlds


We may be alone in P2HA but there are still ways we can create community art.

In May this year, the fourth edition of Art Encounters arrived at the Marina Central district with an array of activities showcasing textile art and allowing the public to add their own creations.

Art Outreach, an education non-profit organisation that aims to promote art appreciation in Singapore, launched Art Encounters in 2020 in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board.  The initiative comprises a mobile artist’s studio and gallery housed within three repurposed shipping containers – this way, the exhibits can travel around Singapore, allowing people to come into contact with art even as they go about their daily lives.

In this vein, Into Softer Worlds, which celebrates textiles created through various methods including weaving, knitting and crochet, is held across four locations: Marina Square, Millenia Singapore, South Beach and Suntec City.

At Millenia Walk, the public can view a rotation of textile works, observe an artist at work in a popup free-weaving studio and even try weaving for themselves on a Japanese floor loom.  The textiles produced will be added to the exhibition as part of a collective tapestry – there have already been over 25 metres of brand new textile art added!

There is also a welcome gallery in Marina Square and other specially commissioned outdoor art installations around South Beach and Suntec City.

Said a spokesman for Art Outreach, “We loved the idea of having the public not only learn about the techniques through hands-on experience but also having them express themselves and connect with others by contributing to a community tapestry.  We hope that Into Softer Worlds allows visitors to experience a sense of community in a time when we have to isolate ourselves.”

Into Softer Worlds will run daily from 11am to 8pm until 27 June 2021.

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