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“Some of our most memorable moments are when we bake overnight nonstop, just to get our orders out as we don’t have a central kitchen!  Having one would be great but right now, we are baking from home.  I think we’re getting used to it as we are home and there’s no need to leave the house to go to work.  We can bake till 6am, get some shut eye and continue on.

We also order all our ingredients in bulk, so you can imagine the storage side of it!  We had to think about space constraints and make the proper adjustments just to cater for this business.  When we grow, we’ll get a proper place but for the time being, home will have to do.

My wife had the passion for baking but I was only interested in eating her bakes!  I was in the car rental scene but in 2018, we got tired of working so hard for other people and decided to leave our jobs to pursue her dreams.  

Our bakes depend on seasons so our biggest challenge is to maintain the business during non-peak seasons. 

Sgmotorfest was one great moment as I was one of the main organisers for the event and I also set up an Always Hungry Bakes stall there.  But thinking back, the proudest point in time was when we had our wedding in 2019 and baked our own desserts and wedding favours for up to 1,400 people!  It was then that our business also grew into dessert styling and people were just amazed that we were the ones who had done it even though we had our wedding to prepare for too.  From there, we got other weddings to supply!

To succeed, you need to push yourself until there is no other way.  Don’t give up and get lazy – that will be your downfall!”

Julian Joel
Always Hungry Bakes

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