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Nayra Events

“Nayra Events is very much a family business. 

I may be the one leading in terms of design but the team is made of mostly family members – like my husband and dad – who are responsible for the execution. A strong support system and understanding are very important to ensure the idea turns into reality.

We have no favourites as every event has a story of its own. However, I think we will never ever forget 5th April 2020 – when the Government announced that there could be no more solemnisations after 7th April, just before the Circuit Breaker. 

Imagine the chaos among our clients who were supposed to get solemnised that week! Instead, we scrambled to put up something for all of them on the 5th and 6th. It was a mad rush, but seeing how emotionally thankful these clients were was really worth it. We are just glad that our role helped to put a smile on their face during that stressful period.

Covid has really changed the way events are planned and managed. We had to pivot from managing big events to small events in higher quantities to cover our operating costs. It’s still hard to predict what’s coming during this uncertain time. But what’s for sure is that we have to accept and adapt to the everchanging situation so that we will not be left behind.

Nayra Events thrives on minimalistic design and styling. We hold to the ‘Less is more’ rule as we like our setups to look clean. This allows the form and materials used to stand out and show their individual beauty.

We are still new in the industry and are still learning. One thing is for sure: we are always exploring and experimenting with new ideas so that every event is unique and has a style of its own.”


Nayra Events

Event styling, mostly for weddings

Photo credit: Nayra Events Website